Connect for Success Grant Application

At Mobile Beacon, we want to provide a path for educators to expand access to technology for students, so every student has equal access to educational resources and learning opportunities. We believe you play an essential role in making your schools and learning institutions more digitally-inclusive, and we want to empower you with the resources you need to make that happen. Connect for Success will give you the tools you need to harness the power of the internet and get it into the hands of those students who need it the most. Schools can use the Connect for Success grant to start a mobile learning lab, a program to help close the homework gap, to aid in professional development for teachers, help students connect for success, and more! 


Grant applicants must be a school, college, or university in an eligible city and fall within Sprint's 4G LTE service area. Because there are a limited number of grants available, Mobile Beacon wants to ensure the broadband service and associated equipment will be used by schools to fulfill an immediate need. Therefore, your school must use this service for 20 or more hours per week while school is in session.

Grant Requirements

Grant recipients must submit two status reports during the first year of service (6-month status report and year-end results). These reports must include feedback from teachers/program administrators as well as participating students as part of the reporting process. A sample report template and release form allowing Mobile Beacon to use any status report information, pictures, and testimonials will be provided to grant recipients. Grant recipients must also sign and abide by Mobile Beacon’s grant terms and conditions.



What ages/grades do you serve? What challenges does it face? Paint a picture of us of what it’s like to learn, struggle, and thrive there.

What are the demographics of your school population? Are there specific groups within you student body that you will focus on? If so, explain them. Feel free to use composite stories to illustrate a day in the life of one of the students you will reach.

Tell us how Connect for Success will enable you to create a digital inclusion program in your school. What will it look like and what types of learning tools will you offer to your students? How will you set up these tools? How will these complement, enhance, and supplement any existing programs, or enable you to provide new services?

What will students now be able to access or do that they weren’t able to before? Will there be a parent engagement portion of the program?

Explain the metrics you will use to measure your program’s impact. What information will you collect on individuals prior to starting to use the laptop and internet?